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How to become member? Join. Register.
Choice 1 (very easy, fast and save way):
a) please pay the registration / processing fee .
b) send me personal information below by e-mail: support@productshealth.net .
 - last name, first name, middle (optional);
- Passport number:_____________________;
 - country, address: street___________, home#___________, app#_____________;
                                      city/town/state_____________, zip code_________________;
 - date of birth;
 - citizenship;
 - sex;
 - home phone;
 - mobile (cell) phone;
 - e-mail;
 - do you want to receive information from Tiens (yes or no) ?
c) I will send you back your registration (unique) number along with your copy application. It is take approximately one business day for processing the application.  After you become a Tiens member. Right now you can buy any products at wholesale prices in any service centers around the world (about 196 countries), you can see the certificates on products, buy books and DVDs about the product and about doing business and, of course, personal consultation. We'll work together building Tiens Business Network!

Choice 2:
For Join my Team & Tiens:
If you are interested in joining or already deciding to join with TIENS, I would be happy to help you get started as soon as possible.
Please follow the steps below :
1. Write down my information below (.pdf, acrobat reader format) on a piece of paper. You will need it for Sponsoring purpose, when filling the Application Form, at the Sponsoring Section:
Download Information here .
2. Send me your personal information, via E-mail or short message to my cellphone:
-your name
-your country
-phone number so that I can reach you
3. Choose and write down the nearest Tiens Branch Office address in your country.
4. Go to the Tiens Branch Office in your country:   http://www.tiens.com/TiensGlobal.aspx . Don't forget to bring your Passport / Resident ID Card, also a copy of it.
5. Enroll as Tiens distributor, by asking the distributor form at Tiens Branch Office, and fill the form completely, including filling the Sponsoring section/part with my information above.
6. Once you already enroll yourself as Tiens distributor, please let me know your Tiens ID number. I'll keep them for my database purpose.
7. Could you please send me information about your business(marketing) plan in your country. It is might be slightly different from explanation above.
8. Please buy and try some of Tiens products, maybe the health supplements or the households products or the cosmetics, so at least you know the qualities of the products and
you can become rank 3-star member as soon as possible. As a rank 3-star member you'll get full advantages on the bonus percentages, also it's the only way to become
rank 4-star up to rank 8-star and next to the honored titles with the luxury rewards.
After you become a Tiens member, we'll work together building Tiens Business Network. But in order to do that, you must be at least a strong and beleive in yourself Person first.
Any Questions, please don't hesitate and Contact Me .